The Dogon country classified as world heritage

Accessible by road and located in the region of Mopti, the Dogon country encompasses the circles of Bandiagara, Douentza, Koro and Bankass. It is famous for its cliffs (300 to 600 m in height), its trays and its plains (Plain of Séno).

Fleeing the Islamisation of the country Mandingo which they are originating, the Dogon came to take refuge in these places hostile.

They drove out the people Thélème who lived in the caves of the Cliffs (used today as a necropolis for the Dogons).

There are three categories of villages:

  • Them of the Cliffs (difficult access)
  • Those located on the sides of cliffs
  • and those of the trays.

    When you walk in these villages, you will have the feeling to enter in a sanctuary where the cultural universe is based on a philosophy and a religion extremely rich and complex, which seem inaccessible to you and spellbinding.

    Tourist sites to visit:

    • The cliffs of Bandiagara, 63 km to the east of Sevare and Mopti,
    • The rock paintings of Songo,
    • The Caves of Déguinbéré,
    • Houses of Thélème,
    • The hand of Fatma,
    • The Mount Hombori,
    • The elephants of the Gourma