The main welcoming university cities of the Malian students

Montreal (province of Quebec)
Nearly a hundred students following courses in the CEGEP, large schools, the universities of the city. It is particularly in the school Polythechnique, of the School of High Studies Commercial, of the University of Montreal, the University of Quebec in Montreal and Concordia University.

Quebec City (capital of the province of Quebec)
Ten eight students at Laval University.

City of Hull
located on the left bank of the river of the Outaouais in the face of the capital,Ottawa. The University of Quebec in Outaouais welcomes ten Malian students.

Chicoutimi (province of Quebec)
two students at the University of Quebec at Chicoutimi.

Sherbrooke (province of Quebec)
Twenty students are enrolled at the University of the city.

Ottawa (capital of Canada)
Seven students attending the University of the capital . Six other students following courses at the Cité collégiale, a cycle of intermediate training where after two to three years of studies, you can access the university where to be paid on the employment market. It is almost the equivalent of the I.U.G. in Mali. More than 70 full-time programs are offered in French: Administration, Hotel and Tourism, electronics, informatics, media, the Health Sciences.

Moncton (Province of New Brunswick)
Thirty students are enrolled at the University of Moncton.

Bathurst (Province of New Brunswick)
A student recipient of a scholarship of the Francophonie

Winnipeg, province of Manitoba)
There are twenty- seven students


The conditions for obtaining a visa of entry to Canada for Students

  • acceptance of the request for registration in a university
  • Payment of tuition fees, the cost of food and accommodation, of the costs of health insurance of a
  • normal academic year with the Embassy of Canada in the host country
  • the records of registration are available on the Internet sites of the various Canadian universities
  • Tuition fees and the conditions of registration in Canada vary from one province to another

As an indication:

  • in Quebec tuition fees for a year amounted to about 10 230 $(Canadian)
  • in Ottawa these costs amounted to $11,000 (Canadian)
  • in Moncton these costs are $7,000 (Canadian)
  • has these rights of education, it should add the expenses for food, accommodation and health
  • insurance. In total a sum ranging between 18000 and 23 000 Canadian dollars is required to enroll in a university in Canada.

The student will be required to renew its registration in fulfilling the payment of tuition fees and health insurance, to each university session: session in the fall and winter session. A summer session is open to those who wish to register in this period.


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