A border city between the savanna and the forest, Sikasso brings together all the tourist assets since physical real wooded enclave on a bare soil, its region encompasses one of the rare forests classified of Mali, populated in the surplus of a wildlife particularly rich.

Take advantage and make a turn to Koutiala the country minianka. It sculpts the masks to electric eyes that suggest more than they describe. The art is there, everywhere in its functionality, there was born the cubism.

Tourist sites to visit:

  • The nipple, hill located in the city center. A sacred place where lived a protective engineering of the time of the kings.
  • The tomb of Tiéba Traoré, who became king in 1866 and did raise the Tata. He signed a pact of alliance with France and defied the armies of the emperor of Wassoulou.
  • The Palace of Kélétigui Kourouma Berthé, built in the architectural style of Djenné. It was the commander in chief of the armed forces of Tiéba then Babemba.
  • The caves of Missikoro, 12 km of Sikasso, place of worship syncretic, contemplation: is reserved for religions of the terroir, the West to the christians and the South to Muslims.
  • The Tata, impressive wall that surrounded the city.
  • The falls of Farako, 25 km of Sikasso where the waters flow on a rocky bed in staircases.
  • The Cascades of Koniko, 15 km of Sikasso: an impressive spectacle, especially in the month of August.