The capital of the Balanzans

Segou, is one of the oldest capitals of the Empire Bambara rich stories of Africa, Segou offers to you with its “great walls”.

City where Bambara and the Peuls collided, where El Hadj Omar began his trek and went to the conquest of the Macina . This is where was born also the old poet, blind from birth, composer and great guitarist Banzoumana Sissoko. His songs and his music whip the pride and affect all of Mali. They recall or announce the great events of the nation.

Located 235 km from Bamako, accessible by road and the aircraft, the City of Balazans and old capital of the Kingdom of the Bambara is the Sanctuary of African Animism. Ségou shines by the charm of its colonial architecture.

It is a mandatory step for all travellers departing to the regions of Mopti, Timbuktu and Gao.

Tourist sites to visit:

Koro, tomb of Biton Mamari Coulibaly, 1 king Bambara Ségou,
the dam and the bridge of Markala,
the sacred sink of Karantéla San,
Kalabougou, village (island) of potters, you’ll get to make a ballade in canoe.