In Canada, eleven Malian students are recipients of the award of the Francophonie, which is generally granted to those who have already exercised a professional activity in their country.

In Quebec, twenty five students have the scholarship accordance with the agreement between the Government of Quebec and the Government of Mali. This agreement exists with the only province of Quebec in the framework of the francophone cooperation.

The Embassy shall inform all Malian students fellowship applicants for exemption of tuition fees that the records must contain the following information:

  • Address in Canada ( Quebec )
  • Training in Quebec for which the exemption is requested
  • Name of the institution you are attending
  • Full name of the program
  • Start date of the training

These information are very useful for the study of the dossiers.

In addition, the Ministry of Education of Quebec has just inform us that the candidates enrolled in bachelor’s programs by cumulation of certificates, multidisciplinary bachelor degrees, certificates for the purpose of obtaining a baccalaureate degree, etc…. will no longer be eligible for a grant of exemption from tuition fees granted additional in the framework of intergovernmental agreements of cooperation.

But the students who are already enrolled in a training of this type will retain their eligibility, subject that they meet the requirements of the program in which they are registered.

 Application form for the award of scholarships for exemption of extra tuition fees

 link information concerning foreign students fellows of the Government of Quebec