His Excellency Mr Ibrahim Boubacar KEITA

President of the Republic of Mali

LE Mali

Un peuple, Un but, Une fois

The Constitution founded in 1992, adopted the guiding principles of democracy, as well as the secularity, the indivisibility of the Territory, and the integrity of the person.

The President of the Republic:
Since September 2013, Mr. Ibrahim Boubacar Keita was elected by universal suffrage for a term of 5 years. The President may be re-elected only once.

The Government is headed by a Prime Minister. The executive power is provided by the Government. The functions of the members of the government are incompatible with any other public employment or private. They are appointed and not elected.

Mali is a secular republic or the freedom of confession is recognized to all.

The independence:
Mali is independent since 22 September 1960.

In Mali, the legislative power is provided by the National Assembly. Its members are elected by direct universal suffrage for five years.

Supreme Court, institution devoted by the Constitution.

Since 26 March 1991, Mali is entered in the era of the multiparty system and of political pluralism.

All citizens enjoying their civic rights are electors from the age of 18 years.

Mali is divided into regions, district of Bamako, circles, urban and rural communes. These territorial communities is administer freely.

Holidays in Mali:
25 December Christmas
1er January New Year 
20 January The army celebration 
26 Mars  day of the Martyrs
1er May Labor Day
25 May  Day of Africa
22 Septembre  Independence Day
  Aïd El Fitr (Ramadan)
  Aid El Kébir (Tabaski)
  Easter Mondy

Useful Links:

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Primature : www.primature.gov.ml
The Department of Justice: www.justicemali.org
The Ministry of Territorial Administration and Local Communities: www.matcl.gov.ml
The Agency for the promotion of investment in Mali: www.apimali.gov.ml
ERegulations MALI: mali.eregulations.org