Mali Canada

Mali-Canada relations

Dating back to the 1970’s where it was limited to a very small number of offers of scholarships (2 to 3 teachers) and the assistance of a few cooperants in secondary education , the cooperation between Canada and Mali has since ceased to grow with including the opening in 1974 of a Office of the Embassy of Canada in Bamako and especially the signing on 21 June 1984 of the first general agreement on development cooperation.

The consultation mechanism of cooperation between the two countries is effected within the framework of bilateral consultations periodic (every 2 or 3 years). And the Mali remains one of the six African country of concentration of Canadian aid primarily through its bilateral program quinquenal that supports specific problems such as the environment, the opening up , the economic development , the fight against poverty ,good governance etc .In addition, the channel of the special programs is very active.

In this regard , the Canada intervenes to the levels of the:

Prodej ( ten-year program for the Development of Justice ):

It counts among other objectives the strengthening of the inking of the state of law, including respect for and the promotion of the rights of the human person by the judiciary. The Canadian support aims to restore the confidence of citizens in respect of their judicial system and the fight against crime and corruption , necessary condition to the securing of private investment.

Prodec ( ten-year program for the development of the Education ):

It has the load of the refoundation of the educational system in Mali. This program aims to mitigate the delay observed at the level of basic education by giving themselves as objective to make pass the gross enrolment rate in the first cycle of the school of 42% to 75% in 2007.

Prodess ( ten-year Program of Health and Social Development ):

Coordinating the whole of national efforts, it aims to expand health coverage . It will in effect to allow every citizen to have access to basic health services in a radius of less than 15 km from his place of residence.

As can be seen , if the Government cooperation is excellent between the two countries, it is still true that the cooperation between private Canadian and Malian private remains very shy , widely below of the potential that it offers. The level of trade does not exceed more than 10 million/ year.

Of course , a few Canadian investors (Ashton Mining/ Mink , Barrick Gold, CRC-SOGEMA, IAMGOLD, Nevsun) are present in Mali in the mining sector where the country is the 3th African producer of gold with 55 tons in 2007. Furthermore, the Grouping FRANCO-CANADIAN Canac-Getma was declared on 5 March 2003 adjucataire of the concession of the railway Bamako-Dakar along 1286 km for an amount of 15 billion FCFA

outside of these two major sectors , the Industrial Cooperation is almost non-existent then that Mali has

the serious strengths ;investment code very incentive , political stability, low cost manpower, agricultural resources very abundant and varied.