Kayes has served as more than a century of door entry to the French troops. Built on the shores of Senegal, where the tracks leading toward the Mauritanian desert or to the Guinean forests joins.

From 1880 to 1904 Kayes was erected by the colonial administration as the capital of the High Senegal Niger. Of this glorious past Kayes still retains traces.

(568 km from Bamako) accessible by train and plane.

Tourist sites to visit:

  • The hill of “Kita-Kourou
  • The picturesque village of Saboussiré,
  • Fort colonial of Madinah,
  • Falls Gouina and the Paparah;
  • Hieroglyphics of Dialafara,
  • The cliffs of the Tambaoura and the lush surroundings of the Falémé,
  • The natural sinks of Sitakili .
  • Falls of Félou, (toward the village Lontou)
  • Fort of Madinah, high place of French colonial history from which have penetrated the armies French colonial.
  • Manantali: the dam,
  • The gold mine of Sadiola: industrial exploitation.
  • Traditional gold washing.
  • The cliffs of Tambaoura from Keniéba, a forest zone where live several wild animal species.