Entry formalities in Mali

Formalities of Police:

The identity card in rule or the valid passport is sufficient for the nationals of the member countries of ECOWAS and the following countries: Algeria, Cameroon,Tunisia, Andores, Principality of Monaco, Chad, Mauritania, Morocco.

A passport with visa of entry and stay (one month) or transit for all other countries.
The extensions and visas long stay are granted by the Directorate General of the National Police in Bamako.

The formality of customs:

Motor cars may be temporarily imported free of all duties and taxs under the guise of a motor tricycle or a Customs carnet issued by the Automobile Club of the country of registration of the vehicle or by a body empowered to that country.

The customs tolerance is exercised with respect to the entry of items such as cigarettes, the tobacco in reasonable quantity. Also admitted free used articles: clothing and personal effects, cameras and video, pair of binoculars, portable typewriter, Kit of articles of sports and camping, personal jewelry.


provide clothing, light, easy to wash.
Pairs of socks in cotton, below in cotton, pullover hot.
2 singlets, 1 shirt of wool and several of canvas.
Long trousers in cotton, 2 shorts, 1 Chapeau of canvas, 1 bathing suit for the pool.
1 pair of shoes type Clark or basketball.
1 Cream Solar, moisturizing cream, a pair of sunglasses, product anti-mosquito.
use of bags marine type with horizontal opening.
Make a few drugs (aspirin, flavoquine, antiseptic, bands, plasters).
Photo – Video – Film:

photography allowed with the exception of military zones, airports, the Presidential Palace and the bathers to the edges of the river.
Do not photograph or film scenes of life without the consent of the persons concerned.
Climate :

The best seasons or periods conducive to tourism are located from November to March (cool season) and from July to October (wet season).

Electrical current:

220 Volts