Gao, classified World Heritage

The capital of the Songhai Empire, with the Tomb of the Askias.

The ancient capital of the Songhai Empire including the peak is located in the XVI century, GAO is an archaeological center important with including the famous tombs of its sovereigns as well as its many funeral steles of marbles dating back to the xiith century, the ruins of the Palace of Kankou Moussa the Sovereign of the Mandingo Empire.

Accessible by the plane, the road and the boat (from Koulikoro).
The City of Gao was founded between 670 and 690.Famous city of the Askias, former capital of the Songhai empire, GAO offers a majestic landscape with the crossing of the river between the dunes. It is the door of the desert.

Tourist sites to visit:

  • Tombs of Askia,
  • Archaeological site of Sanoye (6 km of the city),
  • The Pink Dune of Koyma Hondo (place savrée),
  • The museum of the Sahel,
  • The island Gouzoureye,
  • The reserve of Ansogo

Archeological discovery has Gao:

The mosque and the Imperial Palace of Kankou Moussa.

Archaeologists from various nationalities come to update to Gao One of the vestiges of the time of Kankou Moussa, the emperor who led the Mali at its peak from 1312 to 1337.

It is of the Mosque and the Imperial Palace of His Highness.

The site is located in the northern part of the city just under the Aldjanabandja District (“Mare of Paradise” in Sonrhaï).It is a important discovery not only for tourists that will help to lift a pan of sailing on a passage in the history of our country and confirms this fact the concept of the Nation State of Mali.

The we do not know for the moment the exact area of the site (jobs are still in course), but it is an important complex frame with cooked bricks.

The said complex was built in the heart of the Old City of Gao and well before the Mosque of Djingaréber in Timbuktu. Everything indicates, according to archaeologists, that the complex was built by the Emperor of return of Mecca. The results of the excavations will certainly give other valuable indications.

In the meantime, remember that Kankou Moussa has made his pilgrimage to Mecca during which he distributed both of gold on its passage that the course of the yellow metal fell in a good part of the Maghreb and even of Europe (Spain, Portugal…)