The Embassy shall inform the community that it no longer has consular card and until new order

Documents to be provided:

  • copy of the old national identity card (consular) or the card Nina or copy of the Malian passport or a copie of an birth certificate of Mali,
  • a duly completed form (download below),
  • 2 identity photos,
  • 40 dollars ( check payable on behalf of the Embassy of Mali)


The possession of a card is considered as  an the identification paper and valid in the registration in the consular documents. It is mandatory for the management of the Social Benefits of Malian citizens: transcription of acts of birth, celebration of marriage, death, declaration of loss, certificate of relocation, certification of documents etc.

The Embassy recalls that the passport is exclusively a travel document while the consular identity card has the value of a national identity card for Malians living on the outside. It gives the parentage and provides specific guidance for the identification of persons and attesting to their establishment abroad.

The Embassy in order to better respond to the concerns of our fellow countrymen, launches an appeal to the civic sense of all Malians living in Canada to comply with the regulations in force.


  Download the form