Bienvenue a Bamako

Located in the heart of the old country Mandingo, on the edge of the river Niger, Bamako, capital of Mali is the more African African capitals . It deploys hand and on the other of the Niger River, between the “Hill of power” and “The Know”.There you can see with the naked eye, how was born, is built and grows a modern city, African.

Here, point of skyscrapers, but traditional neighborhoods teeming with world.

Essential crossroads for those who wish to discover the country deep, Bamako is the symbol of the modern Mali in constant development.

Tourist sites to visit:

  • The rock paintings of point G and Koulouba,
  • The house of the craftsmen and the National Institute of the arts,
  • The National Museum,
  • The forest classified of the Faya with its trees centenaries, broad foliage, animal species diversified,
  • Fishing activity throughout the year.
  • The pink market